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Commercial Renovations:

Companies that require commercial remodeling need to find a team that has tremendous experience in construction. Projects at this magnitude present extra challenges compared to smaller residential projects. Commercial remodeling might differ from new build in the sense that the frameworks are already present. The team must know how to alter existing structures and maintain structural integrity. The project manager should have the required experience to be able to work with all types of sub-contractors who take care of different parts of the construction process.

The difficulty of commercial remodeling depends greatly of the status of the building at the time of construction. In other words, will the building be occupied during construction or it will be vacant. The pace of work will be much faster in a vacant structure and safer in general.  Working while people are present might create some challenges in meeting deadlines. In this case, the task often involves multiple phases of moving people, furnishings, etc.

Planning is so important in these type of projects. Hiring the right team is key to insure the accuracy of the project. A commercial remodeling project can take a simple structure and turn it into an amazing structure, depending on the desires and the budget of the client. The owner must create a general idea of what they want the property to look like. The designers then can come up with a strategy to bring this design to life. They will create the blue prints that meets client’s specifications and budget.

Deciding on building a new structure or re-designing the old one is the biggest question an owner must answer before starting the project. Not only will budget play a role, but also the deadline. A new build may require the demolition of the existing structure, excavation, design and creating a new structure. The existing structure is kept in place and a new design is incorporated to create an updated and renovated structure. A commercial remodel like that may take shorter time than new builds. This will allow the business to run and create less down time and it costs less in the long run. Commercial remodeling not only improves the look of the property; it generates value for the business. Commercial construction is a vast sector of construction that covers a multitude of projects. Hiring the right team for commercial project is important. You should hire a qualified team with a good track record in the commercial space. Sometimes general contractors hire sub-trades to finish commercial projects as well as plumbers, HVAC professionals, and other contractors.

Some of the most common commercial construction projects include the following:

Medical Facilities

Retail & Grocery Stores


Accommodation (Hotels, Apartments)

Shopping Malls

Institutional Buildings (High Schools, Universities)

Industrial Structures (Factories, Warehouses)

Sports Facilities

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